Chapter Four – I was Born to be King

Chapter 4 – I Was Born to be King

It has been weeks since I last saw my family; Lavinia and the Elfite allow me the time that I need to grieve and to rest.  Lavinia knows that the task ahead requires all my strength and commitment.  I have seen much in the past few weeks and I must continue to be strong for the promise I made to my family, for the stone that I carry and for the future of our world.  Printanier Island is beautiful; the ground is blanketed in clover and the most vivid flowers I had ever seen.  The Elfite live in the hollows of the trees and rest in their branches.  Moss covers the trees and blankets the hollows.  Florid butterflies inhabit Printanier, as well as enchanting birds whose song sooth the swan.  These delightful birds also help keep watch over the island.  Fruit is plentiful and the trees are forever in bloom. The island gives way to the most magnificent and tranquil way of life; and still it bothers me that such a magnificent place is surrounded by complete evil.  For now, I simply enjoy the island which provides a safe haven for Lavinia and I.  Several days have passed and I have found comfort in the peace and serenity of Printanier Island.  Never the less, my heart tells me that it is time, and I must find out who I am and what it is that I am to accomplish?  The last time I saw my mother she told me that I was destined to do great things, now finally; I will understand my fate.

As I make my way back to the Hollows; the primary living quarters for the Elfite, I see the Tribune of Elders waiting for me along with Lavinia; they know that I am ready to embrace the future.  As I approach them, Lavinia begins to speak to the Tribune.  This is the first time I ever saw Lavinia utter words.  Speaking Elfite she said; “Tia ora zor aster e` zora, do zo asw itari` e` Deite.  Por, et to lo kor as Robert an ze` ativia lastos.”  Which means; Today this boy becomes a man, for he was always a King.  Please, let us all speak to Robert in his native language.  The Tribune agrees with Lavinia, thus the Elfite close their eyes and speak the words that transform them into Fitan.  As Fitan they can easily transverse in any language.  They begin by introducing themselves; the Tribune consists of three Elders and they bare the responsibility for their people.  The first Elder is Nahaum, he is the oldest and is considered to be the wisest of all Fitan; he has witnessed all things from the beginning. The second Elder is Aldous son of Dailous.  Dailous was one of the three and the grandfather to Prince Balthazar.  Aldous now holds his fathers place among the Elders and is the very same Fitan who carried me to the Hollows.  The third Elder is Simeon son of Medeon the other, and he is Princess Elocin’s father.  The Tribune are responsible for keeping order and harmony among the Elfite and the Fitan.  The Elder’s know much about our troubled world and often leave Printanier to visit other Kingdoms in order to establish and maintain peace with those whom they trust.

Aldous is first to speak, “Robert” he begins, “much sadness still plagues you.  How is it that one so young could be so burdened?  You worry, and I can feel your pain; but I promise you will learn to be strong.  The overwhelming task ahead of you will lessen in time.  You are physically up to the challenge; you are lean, tall and muscular.  It is not your physical body that we must build upon; it is your character that must be strengthened.  When you leave Printanier, you will be ready to accept that which has been bestowed upon you.  We are sorry for the loss of your family and we will miss your father, he too was a Great King.”  How is it that these beings know so much about me?  There are so many questions I need to ask, things I have not yet begun to understand.  I stand here puzzled and confused as I listen to the Elders speak.  They try to ease my pain and confusion, but only time can lessen this burden.  “Do not worry Robert;” said Lavinia, “in time all of your questions will be answered.  For today, just listen and learn about your family, your history and your destiny.”

Nahaum then speaks, “please Robert, take a walk with me; for today each of us will teach you, and tomorrow you will begin training.”  “Training for what?”  I ask.  “Training to be a warrior,” explained Nahaum, “and the Great King you were born to be.”  As we walk Nahaum explains that it was my ancestor King Michaels’ decision to live his life as a commoner.  King Michael felt that this was the only way for him to safeguard his family and the stone that he had sworn to protect.  King Michael once had a kingdom as did all the Great Kings.  However, it was his choice to leave his kingdom.  He decided to evenly distribute his wealth among his people, giving all men in his domain a fair share of his fortune.  All who were loyal to the King were granted the same bounty.  He then told his people to abandon their homes and take what they needed to start a new life.  He cautioned his people that the kingdom was in grave danger; and assured them of his loyalty.  He wanted the people of his kingdom to be able to raise their families without fear of persecution from any man.  When all the people of his empire had safely left, he ordered his loyal soldiers to burn the kingdom to the ground.  He then rewarded them with his remaining fortune and left with only his family, his dog Soria and the single stone he had sworn to protect.”

“King Michael lived peacefully with his family.  He became a nomad going from one place to another, looking for a permanent dwelling.  He wanted to find a stable home for his family.  His search ended when he came upon the shores of the Baltar Sea; with no more land left to explore and only the vast ocean in front of him King Michael decided to establish himself as a fisherman and settle with his family there.  Michael was now a common man; he was no longer bound to his kingdom.  He could safely hide the stone from all mankind, thus protecting its secret.  He then released Soria his faithful companion from his care, for her presence would bring far too much attention to him. Now Michael was free to raise his family among the people of Nicosta; the land that meets the ocean.  The sea provided both a living and security for Michael and his family.  Here he felt his family would remain free; free from the threat of the evil King Trozar and his army of Morshmen.  Morshmen inherently fear water, they will avoid contact with any large body of water unless they are ordered to do so by their King.  King Trozar was a vile man.  Robert,” questioned Nahaum, “Did you know that King Mord is a direct descendant of the wicked King?”  I hesitantly shrugged as Nahaum continues.  “The Morshmen cowered under his rule and for all the things that the Morshmen fear, it is their King that they fear most.  However, most men are aware of the weaknesses that plague the Morshmen, and have used these flaws against them. Michael had traveled for so long, that he felt removed from all those whom he had known.  All who once knew him as King would have lost track of him by now. Furthermore, King Trozar would not waist his time with a small village of common men for his battle was with Kings!  Here in Nicosta hidden among common men, generations of Kings could remain free.   Michael was safe; he and his family could finally rest, and Nicosta was his home.  Never to be called King  again, Michael was at peace, his family was secure and the stone would remain hidden against all mankind.”

“The remaining two Kings also abandoned their kingdoms, in order to rise up even greater empires.  They decided to divide and conquer; they overthrew smaller monarchy’s and established themselves as a dominant militia, a force to be reckoned with.  By creating a principal domain they secured their kingdoms and the stones they had sworn to protect.  They traveled to distant lands, conquered opposing kingdoms, combined wealth and strengthened their military.  Their armies had tripled in numbers; King Trozar would not even consider challenging a defense force of such monumental proportions.  Now as these new kingdoms emerged, the two Kings felt secure in their power and ability to protect their secret and safeguard their stones. At that time, all three stones were safe and the Kings had secured the balance of good and evil for future generations.  Each King would leave his legacy and pass down Guardianship of their stones.  “You Robert are a direct descendant of King Michael,” continued Nahaum. “King Norman is a direct descendant of King Gabriel and King Raymond is a direct descendant of King Christopher.”

“Long before the stones were discovered the three kingdoms co-existed side by side in peace.  The citizens of each domain were free to travel and trade from one kingdom to the next.  The land was lush and food was plentiful.  The good men of this earth outweighed the wicked and the tides of time favored those whose hearts were pure.  However, evil men find a way to disrupt the balance of nature and inject their venom into the weak.  They prey upon those whose spirit and character are lacking.  During this time of splendor, a young man who lacked such character began to summon the feeble and faint of heart.  He vowed to care for them and offered them worldly goods in exchange for their loyalty.  These men were faithful to Sir Trozar, and for their allegiance they were deceived by the manipulative nobleman.  He continued to make false promises to these pathetic men whose empty souls seek direction.  The harder these men worked to please Sir Trozar the more he controlled them.   He created an army and had his loyal soldiers erect a castle.  He wanted his empire to be feared by all, so he built it high atop the Golbotros Mountains for all to see.  Sir Trozar had now become King and his Kingdom was consummated, evil hath taken an upper hand.  As you already know King Mord is a direct descendant of King Trozar and as for the Morshmen; they are the beast who evolved from the faint of heart.”  “Then where did the stones come from,” I ask?  Nahaum replied, “That young Guardian is another story, one that I will let Simeon tell you.  For now let us return to the others.”

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