Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge continued…

When Hero’s Emerge

As I struggle to get to my feet I can see well into the control room. I muster all my strength and push the fallen Alien from atop me. Samuel’s barrage has cleared the area for now, but there are others and I sense their presence is near. I run into the control room to find Samuel setting explosives on the computer panels. As I approach him I call out his name, Samuel turns with conviction and points his gun directly at my eyes. Then he stops, “Tedesco,” he cries! I simply nod my head, for there is no time to talk. With only seconds to spare Samuel hands me a weapon and returns to his objective. Once the explosives are set into place Samuel shakes his head and says, “we have only once chance to do this.” However before he can utter another word they arrive and they are angry…

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