Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge continued…

When Hero’s Emerge

It is Samuel’s intention to destroy the portal on both sides and stop the creatures from ever crossing the threshold into our world again. Although it is too late to save our friends, Samuel will do all in his power to save our world.  In true form he burst through the portal with guns blazing, bringing down the creatures as they run for cover. As a soldier Samuel has the training and keen sense to defeat our enemy.  The creatures were unprepared for the carnage and now many lie lifeless inside the room that marks our escape.  When Samuel leaped beyond our world into theirs he assumed that I was dead.  He had no way of knowing that I would be waiting on the other side.  Thus when I realize that I am no longer alone in this alien realm, I call out to Samuel in an effort to lend aid to his quest. For the first time in what seems to be forever, there is hope. Even if we don’t escape, I will not die here alone.  Together we will fight and attempt to do the impossible.

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