Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge continued…

When Hero’s Emerge

When I passed beyond the portal, the room was sealed and filled with a poisonous compound. It was the intent of my captors to execute my colleagues. The doors to the chamber were sealed closed and a toxic gas filtered through the vents. The room quickly filled with the poisonous toxin and my companions feel into a deathly slumber and there they will remain entombed within the chamber for all time. However Samuel was prepared; he has seen first hand the consequence of war. As ammunitions expert and a soldier of fortune a gas mask is a necessity. Unfortunately the others weren’t equipped with the life saving apparatus. Thus they perished inside the chamber, but Samuel would not let their deaths be in vain. Samuel vowed to change the course set in motion by our unearthing and destroy the portal before it was too late. Thus as soon as the toxin dissipated he prepared for the end. He set an explosive device inside the chamber that will destroy the portal and ensure that the creatures can never again enter our world. Samuel knows better then to leave anything to chance. He realizes that the portal must be closed on both sides in order for mankind to be saved from a fate that is far worse then death itself…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge continued…

  1. This has become some task. Needing face masks and all the different supplies along the way. As always you tell your stories in such detail that it seems real to the reader. Readers are able to actually create a picture in their minds.

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