Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge

When Hero’s Emerge

It is at this moment that my heart stands still. How can I alone defeat these beings? Therefore I accept my destiny, for alone I am no match against them. I close my eyes and await what fate intended. I feel a gust of air and hear the tempered cries of the creatures as they rush past me. I hesitantly open my eyes and see them running; panic and confusion has taken hold and they pay no mind to my presence in the corridor or to their fallen comrade. Then from inside the control room a welcome sound emerges, one that I had thought was lost to me forever. Not that of an alien race but that of my own kind, and what follows is the thunderous bellow of bullets echoing through the chamber. Somehow my friend had made it through the portal and he was here to save mankind from a devastating future or he will die trying. I call out to him for I know that the portal must be destroyed, even if it means that we will remain on the other side of humanity.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – When Hero’s Emerge

  1. He has a lot of decisions to make. This portal is something else. You have described it in such detail that readers can picture it in their minds. Glad to see you’re posting again.

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