Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

A Plague Upon Mankind

I stare at the creature that seems undaunted by my appearance, and realize that he alone will bring attention to my presence. The creature stares at me with his blackened eyes and without speaking a word points at me. I hear his words call out in the silence of my mind, and he alerts the others that I have emerged. I hesitate for a moment and wait for him to move toward me. My hand is firmly wrapped around the syringe that is hidden behind my back and as he leans forward I quickly plunge it deep into his neck. However the excitement proves to be too much and before long the others are called to restrain me. Sadly, my efforts came to late. His cries alerted the others and they are running toward me. Has everything I’ve done thus far been in vain, will the legacy of humankind end here? I refuse to accept the end, and stand my ground knowing that I will not submit without a fight! However my fortitude will not last. As I prepare for the worst the downed creature grabs hold of my legs and pulls me to the ground. My struggle is futile for I know the others are fast approaching…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

  1. That is a lot to have to consider and take responsibility for putting an end to mankind. It is a shame that although prepared to defeat the creature it was still too late.

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