Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

A Plague Upon Mankind

The creature had given me drugs to dull my senses, once my mind became clear of their effect I was able to search my mind and recall the events that brought me here. The portal room is below, and in order to escape this nightmare I must make my way back there, before being discovered. I am acutely aware that it is the transportation tubes that feed the massive ship in the same way that our arteries transport nutrients to our body. Oxygen flows through the tubes and cultivates the life force that operates the ship. Once inside the tubes you feel its energy flowing through you. I remember distinctly that my mind was in sync with the movement. In the same way that these creatures are able to communicate through my mind, so does the ship guide me. Had the creatures intended to sharpen my intellect or is it simply that the ship offers nutrients that enhance the mind? Either way without the drugs, I am able to see clearly and navigate through the massive ship as if it were my home. If I can manage to avoid contact with these creatures, I should be able to reach the portal.

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