Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

A Plague Upon Mankind

Dr. Simpson’s actions shock me and cause me to fall away from the cage. In doing so I knock over a table that contains assorted medical instruments. With the creature temporarily preoccupied, I grab hold of a long syringe that contains a green liquid and I can only assume that it is the virus that has overtaken William. As the creature bends forward to grab hold of me, I plunge the syringe deep into her heart. Unable to speak she pulls the venomous needle from her chest and stares at me in disbelief. The creature stands above me clutching her heart and in an instant falls to her knees gasping for her last breath. I look around the room for a weapon, anything to help clear my path should I encounter another. Then I see what appears to be some form of a firearm strapped to the fallen Alien. I quickly grab her weapon along with another syringe and make my way into the barren hallway; but before doing so I take one last look at my colleague and whisper, “I’m sorry and may God be with you”.  




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