Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

A Plague Upon Mankind

These creatures are brutal; they have stripped my friend and colleague of his humanity and plan to destroy all mankind. I will not allow my fear to return and fight the feelings that are welling up inside me. “I sense that you fight your emotions,” states the creature? “Then I will have to show you!” Uncoupling my hands and feet, the creature drags me to the room where Dr.Simpson is being held. Cowering in the corner of a cramped cage I face my fears head on. I crawl to the outside of the cage and speak his name; “William, it is me Tedesco, can you hear me?” The broken being looks into my eyes as if he has some recollection of his name and then stops before rushing the cage. His eyes have turned inward, his nose is barely visible and his jaw is unhinged; his body is covered in boils and he is void of communication. With venom in his heart he grunts and growls and snaps at me through the bars and I know that William is no longer a man.





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