Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued….

A Plague Upon Mankind

As I lie upon the cold, hard table I focus my thoughts upon the ceiling tiles; counting each one in an attempt to clear my mind. With my thoughts blocked from the creatures, I turn my hands from side to side in an effort to loosen the restraints. If I am able to free even one hand, I will have a chance. I know not what waits outside this room, but to remain here means certain death, and it is not my own mortality that haunts me; rather the preservation of mankind that must be protected. If we fail as a species, may it be by mistakes made by man himself, and not the strong-arm of those who see us as nothing more then a failed science experiment! After hours of struggling my wrists are raw and blistered and I notice that the play on the restraints have loosened. If I continue to twist my hands a little longer, I will be able to gently ease one free. However before I am able to do so, I feel the bone chilling stare of the creatures gaze…



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