Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

A Plague Upon Mankind

These hostile creatures want to destroy all traces of their civilization and their contributions to mankind. They do not want men exploring their origin or searching for them. In order to stop mans obsession with powers beyond the capabilities of our human form; they will release a plague upon the earth. They who were once our teachers have set out to destroy us. By their own hand they will unleash hell; the Cicada will rise from their dormant slumber and carry with them an epidemic capable of destroying mankind. Then they will crush this temple and all that lie beneath it. They have already exposed William to the virus and have been calculating the effects it will have on the human population. Should this experiment fail, they will use me to gain a better understanding of human DNA and the effects this virus has on our kind. As I try and grasp all that has happened, William screams out; “We are not your enemy! You who have authority over our kind need not destroy all that you created. Leave this place and take that which is yours, but leave man to continue on his life’s path.” The creatures ignore William’s pleas as they continue to inject him with the serum. Once again William cries out, however this time he calls to me. “Tedesco, can you hear me? Do not try and save me! There is no cure known to man; nor can man stop the spread of this disease. You are mans last chance, the future rests within you.” I hear his words and understand the enormous task before me, but my wrists and ankles are bound and I am unable to free myself. How then can I possibly stop what has already been started?

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind continued…

  1. This place and creatures sound very scarry. You describe them in a way where the reader can actually create a picture in their minds of what they might look like. After reading this, I feel for William!

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