Chapter 5 – A Plague Upon Mankind

A Plague Upon mankind

After stating her intentions the creature walks from my sight. I begin to focus and call out for answers, after all what have I too loose. My cries are countered by a familiar voice. Dr. William Simpson was captured after Mathias lost his will to survive; while alone in the tunnel he was the first to meet our hostile host. The doctor was brought to this place so that they may learn; I on the other hand was an unexpected bonus. They had hoped to seal us within the computer room, entombing us for all time. But I found the portal before the room was sealed and now I will face the same fate as Dr.Simpson. William is clearly agitated, he warns me of the torture that I am about to endure. He screams out in agony and tells me that it is too late for him, but that I should make every effort to return to the caverns before they unleash their fury upon the land…





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