Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

 Something Awakens

The creature speaks to me in monotone verses and makes clear the intentions of her species. “Those who searched these caverns before you have never made it passed the threshold.  You were the first to do so and because of this, you have caused unforeseen consequences and sadly those who traveled with you have all been exterminated; that is all except one other.  You have heard the anguish in his cries and he will suffer! You who have seen the other side will not perish, but will join us and we will learn from you. We will see through you what our gifts have taught your species, should you refuse; you will join your colleague in his suffering.” My mind spins out of control with the fear that the creature and I are connected in thought; I allow no emotion to pass between us.  I am alone and separated from all that I have ever known, and I may never be part of the human race again…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

  1. Why are they making the other survivor suffer??? And how can he trust that he will live?? I think I would be terrified but how does he avoid letting the creature feel his fear?

  2. I would do what ever this creature told me to do. It’s ironic how this creature wants to learn about us through the gifts they have given. I guess they wonder what was done with what they gave and the how they effected or influenced us.

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