Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

Something Awakens 

I try to speak but my words are stifled, I want to scream but cannot.  A sharp pain radiates inside my head impeding my thoughts and then the voice continues. “Do not interrupt me, for what I say must be understood!  Your kind has spoiled our culture. You have taken our knowledge and manipulated it to fulfill your own desires. Your world would have been our homeland had there been adequate vegetation.  Our nourishment became toxic when implanted in your earth and we were forced to find another galaxy and planetary system comparable to our own.  Before leaving we gave man the gift of knowledge and the ability to develop and grow.  But man is selfish and he misused this knowledge, thus it was decided that our worlds should never merge and the portal that connected our worlds was closed.  We left behind guardians to protect the portal; those are the creatures that took the lives of Ms. Sanchez and Doctor Mathias. They were left here to stop your kind from ever entering our realm, but once your search party made it past their nesting ground you broke the shield that protected the portal.  It was you that brought us back to the world we left behind!”


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

  1. I would be afraid to scream or shout in this situation also. I guess some people see the world this way. That changes to the environment/world have ruined it rather than made things better.

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