Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

Something Awakens

As her thoughts speak to me, they are transferred into my mind. “You understand my curiosity?” she states.  “Why would you choose to enter a world that has been closed to your kind for thousands of years.  Long before modern man occupied your planet we came here to cultivate and bring forth intelligent life.  Sadly your planet was unpredictable and over time your atmosphere proved to be toxic to my people.  Before leaving, we gave your people gifts of wisdom and education. What your people chose to do with such gifts is no longer our concern. When we left, we took men with us; they were sacrificed in order to maintain peace with our superior race.  It was our intention to study and to strengthen our own life form for whence we return. What was discovered is that we cannot duplicate your internal formula. The very life breath that allows man to survive on earth is vastly different from our own biological make-up and our worlds cannot be as one. We choose to never return and closed all portals to our realm, however cosmic interference awakened our guardians and activated our dormant underground sanctuary.  We did not want man to enter our world; this action, your action will bring death and destruction to the multitude. We are here to stop you and your kind.  We only came back to destroy what we created thousands of years ago.”


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