Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

 Something Awakens

The binds that constrain me make it impossible for me to move. I stare blankly into the ceiling above.  With only the ability to move my eyes I capture the size and scale of the room that I am bound to.  I hear the rustle of instruments off in the corner and quickly close my eyes hoping the being will perceive me as sleeping.  Unfortunately this is not enough to deter her actions and she subsequently makes her way over to the table that holds me captive.  Standing above me, I feel the shadow of her movements across my body.  Then her cold hand manually lifts my brow.  Staring into my eyes I am frightened beyond all comprehension; for alas the moment has come.  Her frame is well over seven feet and her face is accented by her large blackened oval eyes and oversized frontal lobe that dwarfs her nose and mouth.  Her skin is dark olive and seems to change tone according to her mood. Then it is heard, not by word of mouth, but by shared thought between us.

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