Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

Something Awakens

My eyes pan the room and I am careful too make note of every detail.  In the distance I hear the moans of another in distress, and I see a shadowy figure being led by a creature that resembles the one who restrains me.  It is at this moment that I make the decision to try and escape through the portal that brought me to this place. Thus I take a deep breath and tell myself that on the count of three I will break free.  As I begin to count I feel a flood of emotions rushing through my body, as if my entire life is being replayed and every moment relived.  Then there is silence and I wake to find myself strapped to a table with electrodes attached to my head and chest.  I can only imagine how long I have been here. What felt like moments could have been a lifetime?  Is this the culmination of my life’s work?  How could I have been so selfish, when I know that some things are better left alone?  Has my persistence led me to that which I cannot control?  As a result have I become nothing more then a Lab-rat; destined to entertain a species of higher intelligence?  I have so many questions, but only my own voice to guide me. I would scream, but then who would hear my cries for help?  I am here and I am alone!  Now I must fight to return to the land of my father. For it is my responsibility alone to make sure that this place remains hidden from mankind forever.  No good can come from knowledge of this place!  There is a reason this place has remained a secret and now I am certain that no one must ever know about this place.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

  1. How did he pass out? Did the creature do it to him?? I think at this point I’d rather pass out while strapped to a table! So I don’t have to go thru tht fear!

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