Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

 Something Awakens

A misty haze overshadows the room and although the experience is surreal, I remain very much aware of my surroundings.  An electrical current continues to surge through my body and is pulling me back toward the portal that remains open just beyond my reach.  If I could escape this nightmare I would turn and exit through the portal, never to seek the unknown again.  However a pair of dark olive colored hands maintains a tight hold of my shoulders.  I stand face to face with a supernatural creature with whom I am unable to communicate with.  I am frozen in fear and far removed from my colleagues and the underground fortress that led me to this place.  Terrified that once I leave this room I will have no way of finding my way back.  I only pray that my colleagues do not try and follow me.  Whatever happens, I know that I am on my own!  I stand silent, trying not to utter a sound.  I continue to focus on my breathing and refuse to show the fear that now envelopes my entire being; instead I wait for my captors to initiate the first move…    


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

  1. Ok so at this point I would be freaking out! I would be kicking and screaming but I don’t think he can move- what does the creature look like???

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