Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

Something Awakens

As the others try to make sense of the complex computer system, I make my way over to the fixed panel where the creature disappeared.  First I run my hand along the edges, then across the inside portion of this massive fixed plate.  As I do so, my hand pushes through disappearing before my own eyes. I immediately pull my hand back, only to repeat this action several times.  I ask myself if what I am witnessing is real, or is it an illusion put in place to ward of any unsuspecting visitors?  Still I must know, I did not come this far to run away; besides chances are none of us are leaving this place.  All that is left now is too peer into this void or to retreat, never to know what awaits on the other side.  Dr. Lutz catches sight of me as I challenge my fears and finally muster the courage to see our inevitable fate. Realizing what I am about to do the doctor shrieks “No”, but it is too late!  I place my head beyond the room that exists beneath our world and as I do so I am pulled into another realm, thus finding myself in another room; one that is beyond the grips of reality.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Something Awakens continued…

  1. After reading this passage, I kind of thought that he must feel like many people do. Wondering if there is life beyond, up in space. People that swear they see things down on earth too think maybe what they saw was just an illusion.

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