Chapter three continued…

The Nesting Ground

The vent acts as an air chamber circulating the gas that is emitted by the Cicadas and funneling in fresh air.  Could these creatures have been dormant all this time waiting for a single act to wake them?  Each of these massive creatures bare the same markings as seen throughout the mine.  They have been engineered and bred for a greater cause.  How long have they slept beneath the earth, and what have we unknowingly awakened?  We travel through a maze of tunnels that has endless fractures.   Mathias can no longer keep up the pace, he is pale and has a fever.  The wound continues to bleed and is showing signs of infection.  Mathias is complaining that the wound burns as if on fire; and I fear that if he doesn’t get help soon he will not survive.  After assuring that we are somewhat free of the Cicada Dr. Simpson our teams medical doctor attends to Mathias, “this may buy us some time,” he states; “but without proper medical assistance, I’m afraid that the doctor will never leave this God forsaken place.”   


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