Chapter three continued…

The Nesting Ground

The frenzied Cicadas overwhelm the entire room.  Samuel motions for us to follow him, and directs us into a vent that feeds the chamber.  After removing a grate we quickly step inside the vent and begin to crawl beyond the space; fortunately with the help of Doctor Mathias we secure the grate before any Cicada have a chance to enter the exhaust.  Mathias tells me to follow the others; he wants to make sure that the grate is secure. As I turn away, a Cicada extends his Proboscis through the grate and takes hold of Mathias.  The hungry Cicada begins to feed and the doctor calls out in agony.  With the help of Samuel we are able to pull the doctor away from the creature and the Cicada releases his hold.  However Mathias is left bloodied and in shock.   We do not know the extent of the injuries he sustained, but we must move beyond the vent before we can offer him any help.

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