Chapter 2-The Fallen continued…

The Fallen

Josef is unnerved and raises his weapon. Sensing Josef’s unrest Samuel gently places his hand on the firearm and lowers it before he has a chance to react.  There are thousands of holes borrowed into the floor and this time they are notably large.  A constant whirring sound fills the air and the warm blue glow seen in the tunnel illuminates the entire room.   Large carvings that match the etchings found throughout the mine are systematically placed.  Samuel takes the lead and Lydia the rear; we must stay focused and alert and we remain careful not to disturb anything inside the chamber.  Despite our efforts Mathias is careless and looses his footing stumbling into one of the voids.  He quickly lifts his foot from the divot, which is now covered in the same gunge found outside the room, and shakes it off.  “How careless can you be,” argues Samuel?  “We are here only to observe,” he continues; “you of all people should know the value of such a find.”  Dr. Simpson advises Mathias to be careful as we tread deeper into the room.  We keep together and are careful not to make the same mistake.  Lydia Sanchez the remaining member of the team’s geologist bends down to take a rock sample and is temporarily distracted.  At the same time Samuel motions for us to go ahead of him; “Josef will take the lead for now,” he states.  Doctors Simpson and Luts, as well as Mathias and myself are all accounted for however one of our party members is no where to be found.  Samuel immediately scouts the room for any sign of her, while Josef readies his weapon.  Although her equipment is recovered, Lydia has all but dissappeared.   Then it is heard, a vibrating drone penetrates the room as dozens of Cicadoidea incase the walls and ceiling.

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