Chapter Two – The Fallen…

The Fallen

I question if I should turn back and return with another search party?  Still, that could take months to organize, and by then my colleagues would have discovered without me that which we set out to do as a team.  How could I walk away from a discovery of this magnitude?  After all there is no sign that this creature still exist.  Could this remnant of life be left here from another time?  Just as dinosaurs once roamed the earth above, this creature could have inhabited the earth below.  Therefore I continue moving forward.  I look beyond the cavern to another tunnel, however this one appears to be unlike the others.  There is a strange mist covering the floor of the tunnel and it seems to flow from beyond the passageway.  It spreads throughout the entire chamber and casts an eerie glow that blankets the floor beneath my feet.  As I step into the mysterious cavern, I discover a new pattern.  Etched into the walls at the entrance to the tunnel are undulating swirls surrounding the original markings?  What does this mist signify, and why is it depicted in the etchings?  Before venturing further into the tunnel, I take time to log everything I discovered thus far; this may be the only account of my presence here.  My mind is locked within the moment and I am lost in my thoughts. It is as if I am a million miles away from where I stand and I am so hopelessly alone.  I take a deep breath before continuing on.  I stare into the mist and take my first step; thence my heart stops mid-beat as a hand grabs hold of my shoulder.  I close my eyes for fear of what I might see, when a familiar voice beckons; “I thought we had lost you too.” “Samuel, thank God!” I state with delight.  I am at a loss for words, and relieved that somehow I was able to reconnect with my colleagues. The tunnels are a maze of deception and fortunately they connect at this point.

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