What Lies Beneath / Chapter 2 – The Fallen

The Fallen

I tumble and hit the hard rock below, pain radiates through my body, but nothing seems to be broken.  I wait for the dust to settle before pulling myself to my feet.  As my mind clears I notice a light masked by debri.  I cautiously make my way toward the light to get a closer look.  Then I remove the rubble that entombs the lifeless body of Doctor Koontez; one of our geologist.  This is an unfortunate casualty, and for me a sad reminder of the darkness that dwells within these tunnels.  I rest the Doctors body along the cavern wall, and gather all essential belongings to help navigate my way.  I turn off the light on his hardhat and say goodbye, I must stay focused if my journey is not to end with the same fate.  The others must have continued on, however I am no longer following their footsteps.  If we should reconnect it will be purely by chance.  I know that I am completely on my own and now there is no turning back…

2 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath / Chapter 2 – The Fallen

  1. This boy is very brave and must be enjoying himself. I l know if I found a dead body I would certainly get out of there. Keep posting the story gets more exciting each week.

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