What Lies Beneath, The Quest continued…

The Quest

The entrance was eventually sealed, and all accounts of such an existence erased from history.   To unearth such knowledge and awaken what is meant to remain dormant would bring forth the end.   Still it was only the suggestion of such a history that beckoned men to continue their search; a pursuit that eventually led us to this place.  I am fully aware of the silence; it is the quiet that gives me purpose.  So with only a light to guide my way I keep close to the cavern walls and make my descent into the unknown.  The etchings begin to tell a story, they are more detailed the further I advance.  As the hours pass, my thoughts begin to wander and I realize that I must find a place to rest.  Alone in the darkness with only my thoughts, I copy the symbols I committed to memory into a notebook.  Although the symbols themselves are unfamiliar, they begin to follow a pattern.  I will rest here for a while before continuing on.  I hope to be reunited with my colleagues; together we have the ability to unlock the mysteries that have remained hidden for centuries.



4 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath, The Quest continued…

  1. Somehow when I opened the blog last weeks story was showing for today and after I commented the first time the new post showed up. Nevermind Im pretty sure it was my phone acting up. Either way… I wish u would consider another book with the plot of the story developing so quickly u could really have something worth expanding upon!

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