What Lies Beneath, The Quest continued…

The Quest

For centuries men have tried to decipher the secret markings barely visible at the base of the Temple.  The etchings display symbols that are unrelated to any known.  The inscriptions are only mentioned two times throughout the entire Mayan history.   Still no man dare undermine the foundation of the Temple; to dig without cause could destroy centuries old treasures.  Throughout history men have discovered underground passages; built to intentionally fool thieves.  These empty tunnels lead the unsuspecting to a dead end.  Set in place with a purpose; for purpose is found in all things.  For thousands of years their secrets remained safe; when first the entrance to the mine was unearthed it was believed to be another hoax.   Men searched the caverns looking for hidden treasure; but it wasn’t fortune that these men would discover.  Instead something evil and deadly would find them.  Hidden beyond our reach, man would come to understand that we are not alone, there are others…

4 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath, The Quest continued…

  1. I love the stories suspense. It seems to have a mixture of history and a little horror too. You’re not sure where and which way this story will go. As usual you leave your readers hanging, wanting more. Can’t wait to read the next post!

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