What Lies Beneath, The Quest continues…

The Quest

Tedesco is part of an eight man scientific expedition; chosen to explore the mines beneath the Mayan Temples.  Each was made aware of the dangers that exist within the mines.  For this is no ordinary expedition, this particular quest would test mans ability to survive without the use of modern equipment.  Cell phones and tracking devices only complicate an already difficult passage, because the signals become scrambled and are lost once beneath the surface of the earth.  The mines were kept secret for centuries, sealed off and hidden from man to protect what only a handful of explorers have been privy too.  These were no ordinary passages; these deep caverns have been carved beneath the earth’s surface by a force much greater then man himself.  With only ancient artifacts and fragmented accounts to guide his way, Tedesco begins his decent into the unknown.  What man has awakened cannot be undone…

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