“What Lies Beneath” – an original short story written by Michele Kunz

As I announced last week, I will no longer release exerpts from Guardian of the Stone.  I will however continue to write and hopefully entertain those of you who follow my blog. Today begins a new adventure with new characters and possibly a few new followers…

Welcome to:What Lies Beneath – an original short story written by Michele Kunz

The Quest

Tedesco, a rather unassuming character couldn’t help but notice the strange markings etched into the cavern wall.  As he runs his fingers along the mysterious inscription, he questions their origin.   He commits every detail to memory before continuing on.  Tedesco shouts to the others when he realizes that they had already moved on; their light now barely visible amid the dark tunnels.  He would have to follow the light, if he had any hope of keeping up with his party.   As he strives to make his way toward the others, he continues to slide his hand along the cavern walls.  Tedesco feels a break in the smooth cold rock and stops to get a closer look.  Again his attention averted as he makes note of a similar impression.  He calls out to the others, but their light is no longer visible and for the first time Tedesco becomes unsettled.  Fearing that he is separated from his colleagues, Tedesco immediately takes account of his surroundings and maps out his original footsteps.  In the event that he becomes lost, this would be his only way out.  His instincts tell him to exit the mine and wait for the others to find him, but his curiosity has gotten the better of him.  Even before the expedition began it was agreed upon, if any had become lost or separated they would abort the mission and wait at the caverns entrance for the others to return.   However, Tedesco was not about to deny himself this unique opportunity and goes against protocol advancing deeper into the abyss, knowing full well that his actions are a mistake.  Still he refuses to turn back, after all this is what he has been training for.   After years of waiting he was finally chosen to be part of this team.

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