Always leave the reader wanting more…

Now that I have gotten your attention, it is time to begin a brand new storyline. Hopefully I have gained a few fans along the way, as it has been my intention from the start to always leave the reader wanting more.  At the top of the page are the first 4 chapters of “Guardian of the Stone” where they will remain until the books are published, please share this information with other readers. I promise that I will not leave you without anything new to read.

I have spent the last year busy with social media, making connections and searching for the right publishing house to market my books.  All of this has left little time to write; however not writing was never an option for me. Therefore I began to write short stories that could be adapted later on.  I will release these stories for your enjoyment and save “Guardian of the Stone” for its preview when the book is released.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading “Guardian of the Stone” as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I also hope that you will continue to follow me.

Beginning next Sunday I will release a new story; “What lies Beneath”.  I hope you enjoy this story as much as “Guardian of the Stone”.  Thank you again for following…

Michele Kunz

4 thoughts on “Always leave the reader wanting more…

  1. Your readers seem to enjoy everything you write. I’m sure the new story will be just as interesting and exciting. Can’t wait to read the new story.

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