Chapter four continued…

“Long before the stones were discovered the three kingdoms co-existed side by side in peace.  The citizens of each domain were free to travel and trade from one kingdom to the next.  The land was lush and food was plentiful.  The good men of this earth outweighed the wicked and the tides of time favored those whose hearts were pure.  However, evil men find a way to disrupt the balance of nature and inject their venom into the weak.  They prey upon those whose spirit and character are lacking.  During this time of splendor, a young man who lacked such character began to summon the feeble and faint of heart.  He vowed to care for them and offered them worldly goods in exchange for their loyalty.  These men were faithful to Sir Trozar, and for their allegiance they were deceived by the manipulative nobleman.  He continued to make false promises to these pathetic men whose empty souls seek direction.  The harder these men worked to please Sir Trozar the more he controlled them.   He created an army and had his loyal soldiers erect a castle.  He wanted his empire to be feared by all, so he built it high atop the Golbotros Mountains for all to see.  Sir Trozar had now become King and his Kingdom was consummated, evil hath taken an upper hand.  As you already know King Mord is a direct descendant of King Trozar and as for the Morshmen; they are the beast who evolved from the faint of heart.”  “Then where did the stones come from,” I ask?  Nahaum replied, “That young Guardian is another story, one that I will let Simeon tell you.  For now let us return to the others.”                            

4 thoughts on “Chapter four continued…

  1. I had to catch up with all my reading and I am so glad I did! I feel as though I am there experiencing it all first hand! What a great and well written book. I am anxiously waiting for the next installment.

  2. This situation is like reality. Everything starts off well then there is some one or something that causes chaos. It’s like the continuous battle between good and evil.

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