Chapter four continued…

“The remaining two Kings also abandoned their kingdoms, in order to rise up even greater empires.  They decided to divide and conquer; they overthrew smaller monarchy’s and established themselves as a dominant militia, a force to be reckoned with.  By creating a principal domain they secured their kingdoms and the stones they had sworn to protect.  They traveled to distant lands, conquered opposing kingdoms, combined wealth and strengthened their military.  Their armies had tripled in numbers; King Trozar would not even consider challenging a defense force of such monumental proportions.  Now as these new kingdoms emerged, the two Kings felt secure in their power and ability to protect their secret and safeguard their stones. At that time, all three stones were safe and the Kings had secured the balance of good and evil for future generations.  Each King would leave his legacy and pass down Guardianship of their stones.  “You Robert are a direct descendant of King Michael,” continued Nahaum. “King Norman is a direct descendant of King Gabriel and King Raymond is a direct descendant of King Christopher.”


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