Chapter four continued…

“King Michael lived peacefully with his family.  He became a nomad going from one place to another, looking for a permanent dwelling.  He wanted to find a stable home for his family.  His search ended when he came upon the shores of the Baltar Sea; with no more land left to explore and only the vast ocean in front of him King Michael decided to establish himself as a fisherman and settle with his family there.  Michael was now a common man; he was no longer bound to his kingdom.  He could safely hide the stone from all mankind, thus protecting its secret.  He then released Soria his faithful companion from his care, for her presence would bring far too much attention to him. Now Michael was free to raise his family among the people of Nicosta; the land that meets the ocean.  The sea provided both a living and security for Michael and his family.  Here he felt his family would remain free; free from the threat of the evil King Trozar and his army of Morshmen.  Morshmen inherently fear water, they will avoid contact with any large body of water unless they are ordered to do so by their King.  King Trozar was a vile man.  Robert,” questioned Nahaum, “Did you know that King Mord is a direct descendant of the wicked King?”  I hesitantly shrugged as Nahaum continues.  “The Morshmen cowered under his rule and for all the things that the Morshmen fear, it is their King that they fear most.  However, most men are aware of the weaknesses that plague the Morshmen, and have used these flaws against them. Michael had traveled for so long, that he felt removed from all those whom he had known.  All who once knew him as King would have lost track of him by now. Furthermore, King Trozar would not waist his time with a small village of common men for his battle was with Kings!  Here in Nicosta hidden among common men, generations of Kings could remain free.   Michael was safe; he and his family could finally rest, and Nicosta was his home.  Never to be called King  again, Michael was at peace, his family was secure and the stone would remain hidden against all mankind.”

2 thoughts on “Chapter four continued…

  1. So then Robert is a direct descendant of king Michael… When you get published you should include a genealogy of some sort… Like a family tree both for the good and evil

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