Chapter four continued…

Nahaum then speaks, “please Robert, take a walk with me; for today each of us will teach you, and tomorrow you will begin training.”  “Training for what?”  I ask.  “Training to be a warrior,” explained Nahaum, “and the Great King you were born to be.”  As we walk Nahaum explains that it was my ancestor King Michaels’ decision to live his life as a commoner.  King Michael felt that this was the only way for him to safeguard his family and the stone that he had sworn to protect.  King Michael once had a kingdom as did all the Great Kings.  However, it was his choice to leave his kingdom.  He decided to evenly distribute his wealth among his people, giving all men in his domain a fair share of his fortune.  All who were loyal to the King were granted the same bounty.  He then told his people to abandon their homes and take what they needed to start a new life.  He cautioned his people that the kingdom was in grave danger; and assured them of his loyalty.  He wanted the people of his kingdom to be able to raise their families without fear of persecution from any man.  When all the people of his empire had safely left, he ordered his loyal soldiers to burn the kingdom to the ground.  He then rewarded them with his remaining fortune and left with only his family, his dog Soria and the single stone he had sworn to protect.”

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