Chapter four continued…

Aldous is first to speak, “Robert” he begins, “much sadness still plagues you.  How is it that one so young could be so burdened?  You worry, and I can feel your pain; but I promise you will learn to be strong.  The overwhelming task ahead of you will lessen in time.  You are physically up to the challenge; you are lean, tall and muscular.  It is not your physical body that we must build upon; it is your character that must be strengthened.  When you leave Printanier, you will be ready to accept that which has been bestowed upon you.  We are sorry for the loss of your family and we will miss your father, he too was a Great King.”  How is it that these beings know so much about me?  There are so many questions I need to ask, things I have not yet begun to understand.  I stand here puzzled and confused as I listen to the Elders speak.  They try to ease my pain and confusion, but only time can lessen this burden.  “Do not worry Robert;” said Lavinia, “in time all of your questions will be answered.  For today, just listen and learn about your family, your history and your destiny.”

3 thoughts on “Chapter four continued…

  1. The story gets more interesting each week. It’s kind of like life; nobody knows what lies ahead of them and we can only prepare for the challanges that lie ahead. Keep posting

  2. I feel for Robert. He has been through so much already and yet so young. It is a good thing he has help and guidance from others. Looking forward to the next posting.

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