Chapter Four continued…

Several days have passed and I have found comfort in the peace and serenity of Printanier Island.  Never the less, my heart tells me that it is time, and I must find out who I am and what it is that I am to accomplish?  The last time I saw my mother she told me that I was destined to do great things, now finally; I will understand my fate.

As I make my way back to the Hollows; the primary living quarters for the Elfite, I see the Tribune of Elders waiting for me along with Lavinia; they know that I am ready to embrace the future.  As I approach them, Lavinia begins to speak to the Tribune.  This is the first time I ever saw Lavinia utter words.  Speaking Elfite she said; “Tia ora zor aster e` zora, do zo asw itari` e` Deite.  Por, et to lo kor as Robert an ze` ativia lastos.”  Which means; Today this boy becomes a man, for he was always a King.  Please, let us all speak to Robert in his native language.  The Tribune agrees with Lavinia, thus the Elfite close their eyes and speak the words that transform them into Fitan.  As Fitan they can easily transverse in any language.  They begin by introducing themselves; the Tribune consists of three Elders and they bare the responsibility for their people.  The first Elder is Nahaum, he is the oldest and is considered to be the wisest of all Fitan; he has witnessed all things from the beginning. The second Elder is Aldous son of Dailous.  Dailous was one of the three and the grandfather to Prince Balthazar.  Aldous now holds his fathers place among the Elders and is the very same Fitan who carried me to the Hollows.  The third Elder is Simeon son of Medeon the other, and he is Princess Elocin’s father.  The Tribune are responsible for keeping order and harmony among the Elfite and the Fitan.  The Elder’s know much about our troubled world and often leave Printanier to visit other Kingdoms in order to establish and maintain peace with those whom they trust.

3 thoughts on “Chapter Four continued…

  1. I would never want to leave Printier island. It sounds so safe! It amazes me how you can create a new world with magical creatures with such depth!

  2. Robert is very brave. He realizes that it is time to leave the island, I think he realizes he will be safe and is protected by the friends he has made. Keep posting

  3. I don’t blame Robert for feeling reluctant about leaving Printainer island. It sounds so beautiful and he feels safe there. I think his curiosity about who he and realizes he can only find out this information if he leaves the island. Keep posting

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