Chapter Four – I Was Born To Be King

After a few exciting weeks I am back!  Please continue to follow and enjoy the next excerpt  from chapter four…

Chapter 4 – I Was Born to be King

It has been weeks since I last saw my family; Lavinia and the Elfite allow me the time that I need to grieve and to rest. Lavinia knows that the task ahead requires all my strength and commitment. I’ve seen much in the past few weeks and I must continue to be strong for the promise I made to my family, for the stone that I carry and for the future of our world. Printanier Island is beautiful; the ground is blanketed in clover and the most vivid flowers I had ever seen. The Elfite live in the hollows of the trees and rest in their branches. Moss covers the trees and blankets the hollows. Florid butterflies inhabit Printanier, as well as enchanting birds whose song sooth the swan. These delightful birds also help keep watch over the island. Fruit is plentiful and the trees are forever in bloom. The island gives way to the most magnificent and tranquil way of life; and still it bothers me that such a magnificent place is surrounded by complete evil. For now, I simply enjoy the island which provides a safe haven for Lavinia and I.