Chapter three continued…

The day has proven to be difficult and still we must endure; it is not until we reach the island that this nightmare will end. As we continue to swim, my limbs become weak. Each stroke is an effort; I am exhausted and unable to stay afloat. Lavinia seeing me struggle, summon the swans to escort me safely onto Printanier. With tenderness and care the swans respond to her plea. Two great white swans each place their long graceful necks under my arms and carefully guide me to the island. When we finally reach the thicket, I can not go any further. The tiny Elfite are captivating as they flutter by to greet me. They welcome me with compassion and understanding.  Aldous, one of the Elders comforts me; he is concerned about my health.  Thus he closes his eyes and utters the words; “A tora be`, eston be`, laiora be`,” which means, “be with me, strengthen me, empower me.”  He then raises his arms and a radiance consumes him as he is transformed into a Fitan. The massive warrior then gently lifts me in his arms, and carries me to the Hollows to rest.

3 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. Printanier sounds so exciting. Sounds like an exotic island with beautiful swans and cherub like creatures. You have such a unique way of making your reader imagine what the setting in your story may look like. You actually feel as if you are in the place that you are writing about when reading the story. Keep posting.

  2. Poor Robert! He has been through so much. It is good though that someone always seems to come to his aid when he needs help or someone to look after him. Looking forward to reading more next week!

  3. I love the description of the elfite. They sound like happy pleasant creatures. However the fitan sound like they should be made into an action figure! The concept of such little cherubs morphing into powerful beasts absolutely blows my mind!

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