Chapter three continued…

As we swim, Lavinia begins to tell me about the lake and the island, we are about to encounter. Lake Ravissant is protected by swans, beautiful white majestic creatures. When left undisturbed these swans are delightful, however if threatened these graceful creatures turn grey, triple in size and their webbed feet turn into razor sharp talons. They will attack any being that is not pure of heart. Again Lavinia confirms, “Do not fear Robert, for your heart is pure; you my King are of no threat to the swans.” Lavinia continues to explain that once we pass the swans, we will be in the thicket that surrounds the island. Here tiny fireflies light the passage onto Printanier Island.

Printanier Island is home to the Elfite. The Elfite are small cherub like humans; they are no bigger then an infant, approximately 18 inches tall. These winged beings live peacefully on the island, they are vegetarians and the island itself is rich in vegetation. Here the Elfite are safe; flying high atop the tree tops to rest. No one has ever challenged these angelic creatures on the island. They live here protected by the forest; and it is the swans that ensure that no man or beast ever step foot onto Printanier. “Lavinia,” I query, “how then am I allowed on the island?” Lavinia responds; “that is because you are no ordinary man. You are a Guardian and a King; your arrival has been long anticipated.” Lavinia continues to explain that the Elfite possess mystical powers; once they reach maturity they have the ability to morph into Fitan. Fitan are giant winged warriors that grow between 7 1⁄2 and 8 feet tall, their wing span stretches approximately 10 to12 feet across. When Fitan are challenged they become fearless, and will not waiver until they crush their enemies. Once they have defeated their adversaries; it is then and only then that they return to their benevolent way of life. 

2 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. I love how each week we are introduced to new characters and I especially liked reading about the Elfite. I look forward to learning more about them and their role in this great journey. Another great post!

  2. The elfite seem like amazing creatures! It is mind boggling to me how you can create such fantastic characters in your story and make them sound so normal at the same time!

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