Chapter three continued…

As we enter the forest we hasten our pace. We hear the Morshmen close behind grunting and spitting as they follow our scent. We run until our throats strain with each gasp of air. As I run, I hear the Spectra summon me. I force myself to ignore their calls and forge ahead. Lavinia is fully aware of the evils that lurk in the forest; therefore she continues to remind me to keep running and never to look back. We run for hours; keeping a steady pace. Then suddenly and without warning darkness begins to overshadow the forest. Fortunately the clearing is within sight; as I look toward the open field; I see the moonlight glistening off the lake. I hear the grizzly sounds of the forest creeping up behind me. I am frightened beyond all reason, so terrified that I can not breathe. I am in a cold sweat as I push myself to run faster then I had ever run before. Finally, as we reach the clearing I turn and look back, but just for a moment. There at the edge of the forest, I see the Spectra lifting and slashing the Morshmen who were not lucky enough to escape the darkness.

Lavinia stops short of the waters edge; she turns to look for me and then urgently cries out, “Robert, you mustn’t stop now, run into the water and swim!” A few Morshmen had escaped the forest and are within reach of their prize. I pick up my pace and dive into lake; the Morshmen hiss and throw stones, stopping just short of the waters edge. “We are not out of danger,” cautions Lavinia, “not until we reach Printanier. Then and only then will we be safe from the evils of the outside world. Now swim, and do not stop until you reach the island!”

4 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. You definitely know how to keep a reader on the edge if their seat. Each week I look forward to your postings. They need to be longer !! Although I do really like the anticipation for the next posting !!

  2. The story continues to get more and more exciting each week. I feel like I am watching a adventure movie hanging on to the edge of my seat to see if they will make it. As usual you describe the setting so well that your readers can picture it in their minds as they read. Great post can’t wait until next week.

  3. Robert seems so calm in this whole situation. I guess he figures he has Lavinia looking out for him covering his back. The story gets more exciting each week I read it. Continue posting!

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