Chapter three continued…

Lavinia continues to explain; that past the trees is a beautiful pristine lake and beyond the lake is an island. We must swim to the island in the center of the lake; there you will be safe. Printanier Island is protected by the clearing, the lack of trees allows the moonlight to shine through, thus keeping the Spectra from leaving the forest and reaching their victims. “Guardian,” cautions Lavinia “you must remember, that you will not be safe until you reach the island. Do not stop, not even for a moment; because the Morshmen will be at hand. Therefore we must reach the island! There you will learn all truths and finally your questions will be answered; thence you will believe that you are a King!”

With the Morshmen close behind, Lavinia warns me not to look back; repeating that we must reach the clearing and the lake before nightfall. “Guardian,” she states “The Morshmen will not follow us into the lake, because they are terrified of the water. Water bites at their rotting skin; also Morshmen have elongated torsos with short legs and disproportionate arms, making it physically impossible for them to swim. If we reach the lake before nightfall, we will be safe from all that haunts us.” So, quickly and without question, I adhere to Lavinia’s demands. “Robert” she implores, “we must run! There on the island you will find solace.” It is a day’s journey to the clearing, and no being has ever completed the passage without being caught by the Spectra. “Then how will we be able to escape the forest” I challenge? “Guardian,” replies Lavinia “Your father has taught you well. You are strong and agile, have faith in thyself!”

4 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. I wish I could see what the morshmen look like! They sound so hideous! I wonder how he will make it there and be able to avoid both the spectra and the morshmen!

  2. I like how persistent Lavinia is with Robert. You can tell the importance of him getting to the island. I can picture the Morshmen chasing him and love how you set up the reader to be on the edge of their seat!! Great post! 🙂

  3. The water is like the water in the Wizard of Oz. Once the water was poured on the witch she melted. This is great you always leave your readers wondering about the characters in your story. I love wondering what each of the characters might look like. Keep posting

  4. Lavinia seems like an important asset to Robert. Since they seem to both watch out for eachother it seems they will make it. It is good that they look out for one another. Can’t wait until the next post to see what happens next!

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