Chapter three continued…

During the day man can not perceive the Spectra against the trees, so while their spirits rest, men are free to enter the forest and hunt for food. But be warned; you must leave the forest before nightfall, for it is in the darkness that the Spectra awake and consume their victim’s souls before turning them into stone! By day the forest welcomes all; both good and evil can take advantage of the abundance of wildlife and vegetation. However in complete darkness, when man abandons the forest and the light no longer penetrates the lush trees that blanket the woodlands, a spirit so repulsive appears. These spirits are so wicked, that earthly beings can not be in their presence.

The Spectra are hideous ghost that bewitch the forest and all beings that remain after nightfall. They swarm and tear at their victims before consuming their souls and turning them into stone for all eternity. The stone figures are then used as sentinels standing guard against any willing to challenge them. The Morshmen are simple minded beast, so frightened by the Spectra that they fear all places of complete darkness. In spite of their apprehension they will never disappoint their King and by the light even the Morshmen access the forest. They will hunt us down; then should we escape the Morshmen; nightfall will pose an even greater danger. For it is in the darkness that the Spectra awake and will find us hiding among the vegetation. Why then would Lavinia lead us into the forest? “Lavinia” I plead, “What good comes from this plan?” “Robert” Lavinia affirms, “do you think that I would allow any being to harm you? Have you not felt safe with me? I promise, that I will always protect you, even unto my death. This has always been my fate.” Even though I am uncertain; I have no choice, for the Morshmen are at hand. Thus letting go of my fear, I agree to follow her into Krieshen Forest. By placing my faith in Lavinia we establish a bond, one that will never be broken. It is at this moment that I accept Lavinia as my Keeper. “Robert” Lavinia howls, “Run as fast as you can! Follow me and stay as close to me as possible until we reach the clearing. The Spectra can never leave the forest; they were condemned to remain imprisoned within its confines. Here they wait, secured by the darkness and trapped by the light. Past the trees is a gap that is illuminated by the moon; ensuring that they never enter the clearing. All light terrifies the Spectra, for in the light their spirits turn to dust!”

3 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. The spectra sound magnificent! This whole world is beginning to fit together so fluidly and your words of imagery are captivating!

  2. It is nice that the character has formed this bond with Lavinia. They are at a point where the boy feels safe enough that he can trust her and follow her. He realized now she will keep him from danger. Keep posting!

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