Chapter three continued…

As a young child the Elders would recount frightening tales about Krieshen Forest. The forest has always been plagued by evil, thousands of years before man dominated the earth; there were others who desecrated the woodlands. Soulless beings whose hearts were as black as night, imprisoned humans and sacrificed them in search of the power that came from the earth. These beings were called Mastradaums and they dwelled in shadows; they were said to be the sons of the devil himself. It is they who once ruled the land, and they who oppressed the humans. Krieshen Forest has always been veiled in darkness, it calls out to those who have lost their way. It is not the Mastradaums, but man himself that brought about this curse. Lost Kings who sought power unto themselves now dominate the woodlands and haunt the forest. Those whose forefathers liberated man, later disgraced their names and caused great suffering. They were no different from those they fought to be free of, and their spirits now dwell in the forest. The Spectra are no longer kings, but ghostly beings. Today men continue to explore Krieshen Forest, however be wary of that which can not be seen in the daylight for by night their spirits are free. Those who do venture into the forest can do so of their own free will. However no torch can guide the way; for by their breath the flame is extinguished; thus there is only darkness to greet you. The forest will always challenge those who seek adventure, but beware for man can only enter on foot! Horses will never advance beyond the tree line. They have the ability to see the Spectra as they sleep, and are spooked by their evil presence. The horses are so terrified, that even the light of day does not mask their existence.

7 thoughts on “Chapter three continued…

  1. It’s amazing how you describe the forest in such detail. I remember growing up feeling scared too since we live near a forest. I always wondered what lie beyond and had similar thoughts that there were beasts of some sort hiding in the forest. Looking forward to the next posting!

  2. I love the way you continue to use such detail in describing the setting of your story. I think most kids might have a similar view of a forest, being frightened and curious of what is really in there. Look forward to the next posting.

  3. Another post that does not disappoint. It’s amazing how you make connections and help us to understand as readers how the mastradsums came to be. I can picture the dark forest and can only guess what’s going to happen next !!!

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