Chapter 3 – Trust and Friendship

Chapter 3 – Trust and Friendship

Lavinia moves quickly and beckons me to follow. Without faltering I do as she so commands. She leads me toward Kreishen Forest, the same forest that I had heard stories about when I was a boy. The Elders in Nicosta often told tales about hunting in this region. Once a year only the strongest and bravest men would take part in this great hunt. Before the first frost of the year, a team of men were chosen to track and bring back meat to be smoked for the long winter. The forest is rich in vegetation and wildlife. Kreishen Forest provides cover and will shelter us from the Morshmen. However, there are other evils present in the dark of the night, when the thick trees prevent the light of the moon from filtering through. It is then that the Spectra arise and await all those who enter their domain. Lavinia encourages me to follow her; “I will protect you my King,” she promises. “Trust me; I will keep you safe.” This is the first time she refers to me as a King. How could she know my secret for I had shared nothing thus far? 

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Trust and Friendship

  1. All pets look at their owners as kings in some sort of way just as Lavinia looks at the boy. But he really is a king. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.

  2. It is great that Lavinia is looking out for the boy. It seems he has alot to be protected from. It must put his mind somewhat at ease knowing that he has Lavinia there to look out for him. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  3. Kreishen Forest is a scary place and is sure to bring death to any who enter it but what lies within is amazing….cant wait to read the next book!

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