This is the future…

I use this blog as a forum for my books, but with so much in the publishing world changing it is difficult to establish a name for any new author.  Traditional-Publishing far outweighs the benefits of Self-Publication, however many authors quickly lose hope and turn to a sure thing. This is the future of publishing; where authors self promote, sell and market themselves. In a quest to find my way I refuse to give in; maybe not forever, but  definitely for now!  I know that my stories may not be perfect, (whose are; and what defines perfection). They do however tell a story; an epic tale. They take the reader on an extraordinary adventure, in a world unknown to modern man. The story allows you to dream, the mind to create and the spirit to be free. In a world where good verses evil, you will be compelled to find the answers that only the end of the book will reveal.  Mine is an escape from this world to another time and place, for it is a story well worth every sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts time. Click on the header bar to begin your adventure; start with the Legend and read through Chapters One and Two, then please post a comment, if you are inclined to do so. Then once you become a fan, please vote for me in the Shorty Awards, hosted by Twitter and nominate me in the writing category,  Please allow my world into your heart, Thank you…

5 thoughts on “This is the future…

  1. I hope you get published soon. If you are stubborn for traditional publishing then try some of the smaller publications. You might get noticed faster. Good luck and thanks for all the support you have given me! I look forward to seeing your book in print! As for me, I am going the self-pub way. I believe it outweighs traditional, but that’s just me!

  2. Im so proud of your blog you worked very hard to get to this point everyone should continue to follow and read because the books are truly amazing!

  3. As a writer myself I hear you. Unless you are established nobody wants to read your work. I do agree with you; not to self publish. I really don’t think that is the answer either. I give you credit for hanging in there and I hope you find a publisher out there to publish your book. I know I would love to read it. Good luck with the publishing.

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