Chapter 2 continued…

The morning air is biting and I am not prepared for the cold mountain air. I use the deerskin as a cloak to keep warm. With renewed strength I begin to consider which direction we should pursue. There are so many unanswered questions. Am I capable of safeguarding my stone and how will I protect it from the evil King Mord and his army of Morshmen? For weeks we travel the mountain; making sure to stay ahead of the Morshmen.  Lavinia is fully aware that she could communicate with me and warns me about the dangers that exist upon the mountain. She tells me that we must leave the mountain, to stay would mean certain death to both of us. “The Golbotros Mountains belong to King Mord,” she cautions; “the answers you seek are not here. They can only be found beyond his grasp!” We continue on for several more days before our decent brings us to the plains. “It is from here that you will discover the truth,” states Lavinia. “It is from here that your journey truly begins…”

We escape the mountain and rest beside a great elm tree. The plains are a refreshing change and a welcome relief from the cold air that marks the ridge. Suddenly, Lavinia begins to pace and I feel her uneasiness. “What’s wrong?” I ask. Once again I hear her thoughts, even though her voice is silent. Her words whisper inside my head; and as she beckons I hear the urgency in her tone, “We must go now!” exclaims Lavinia. “The Morshmen are upon us.” We cover our campsite as best we could; then Lavinia demands that we run. I am captivated by this extraordinary creature and I know that it is in my best interest to listen to her. Speaking candidly she begins, “I have much to tell you, but first we must find a safe haven; a place where I can protect you. It is there that all shall be revealed; and then you will understand your destiny.”

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2 continued…

  1. Another great post! I love how he is able to communicate with Lavinia! A dog lover myself I have always imagined what these animals must think! With a smart companion and guard I can only anticipate the adventures these 2 will get into!

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