Chapter 2 – continued…

This lordly creature needs a name. I walk for some time until her name manifest in my thoughts as if spoken to me; “My name is Lavinia” she replies. I am surprised to hear her name so clearly and it is at this moment that I realize she has the ability to communicate with me. I stop and stare at this great animal before speaking the words “Lavinia” with a convincing nod, I am sure that I found a companion. I am grateful to have another beside me, so much has changed so quickly. Together we walk and I dare utter a word when my stomach begins to growl; I hadn’t eaten for several days and hunger consumes me. Therefore I must ask, “Lavinia are you hungry?” Without wavering Lavinia breaks free of my grasp and with speed and grace she runs from my site. Sadness once again consumes me; I thought that I had lost the only friend with whom I could trust. Alone again, I continue moving forward; then in the distance I see Lavinia, prancing proudly toward me. In her mouth is a small deer, it is a feast to my eyes. With kindness and care my new friend has become my protector. Lavinia stops and waits for me to reach her, and together we walk until we come across a small clearing, completely surrounded by trees; here we set up camp. After we eat, we will rest and regain our strength. Tomorrow is a new day and we will embark upon this journey together.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – continued…

  1. Your character has gone through so many ups and downs; the poor thing. Just when he found companionship Lavinia runs away. I was happy to read about her return. Great post, looking forward to more next week.

  2. This new creature Lavinia sounds interesting. You have me curious though what role this creature will continue to play in this story. You’re a great story teller, you keep your audience on their toes wondering. Keep posting.

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