Chapter 2 – continued…

Time has no meaning when all you know and love is lost.  I want to stay in this place forever, but alas this cannot be; then the darkness fades and gives way to the light.  As I open my eyes a large creature is standing above me.  She is licking my face and the wound on the side of my head.  As my mind clears, I focus upon the beast.  I realize that this is the same majestic animal that sat perched upon the rock.  This time my fear subsides and I realize the beast is a large dog.  The largest of all dogs and it is these animals that are used by armies to hunt Morshmen.  I had often heard stories of these great hunters; they are Cane Corso Mastiffs; bread to protect Kings!

I sit up and gaze intently into the eyes of the animal.  The huge dog simply licks my face and then nuzzles me with her head. She patiently sits by my side until my legs are strong enough to support me.  At this moment, I know that this animal is here to protect and guide me.  I stand up and begin to look around; I am not sure which direction to pursue.  But with a nudge from the dog, my new friend, I follow.  Together we will find the answers and a place to protect the stone.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – continued…

  1. This dog sounds beautiful! Fierce and loyal to a boy she must protect!! If only every person in real life could have a guardian!!! Keep posting!

  2. You make everything seem so real and easy to relate to. Anyone that has or had a dog can relate to being waken by their dog liking their face which usually is a pleasant and safe feeling. Looking forward to next week!

  3. I guess the dog gives the boy a sense of normalcy and familiarity. He feels protected by the dog just as most people that have a dog of their own. Keep posting.

  4. I loved that you added a dog as his companion. A dog lover myself I feel the importance of this animal to him. I cannot wait to see how their journey begins!

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