Chapter 2 continued…

I look around at my surroundings and search for a solution; a direction to follow.  I know that I must keep moving; to stay here means certain death.  In time the Morshmen will find me and take the stone that has been entrusted to me.  I am uneasy and unnerved, so much of my life has changed and I fear that I am no longer alone.  Unable to escape the feeling that I am being watched, I take a deep breath and clear my mind.  Surprisingly, this feeling does not frighten me and in some odd way it enchants me.  It draws me in; as if I am being called.  As I cautiously search, I happen upon a regal looking animal perched high upon a rock.  It is quite large, weighing approximately 170 pounds.  The animals’ smooth grey coat and crystal eyes captivate me. As I approach the majestic beast it snarls and then grunts with a strange smile like grimace. The large animal continues to mesmerize me.  Then with fear of confrontation, I slowly turn and walk away.  As I quietly leave; I begin to move quickly until I find myself running.  I run until my breath hurts inside my chest.  I run as far away from my home in Nicosta, the cave and all that I have ever known.  I run until I stumble and fall; as I fall I hit my head on a rock.  I watch as the blue sky above spins out of control.  Then as if all the events that have led me to this place disappear, I find myself at home again with my family.  I am laughing as my little sister Amelia dances and mother sings, while father claps his hands.  My home is warm and secure, and I am happy once again.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2 continued…

  1. Ive said it before, I wish I could see pictures inside your mind…the creature sounds beautiful and i already have an image in my head, but to see what you saw when you created it must be even more fantastic!

  2. I feel so bad for him. I can only imagine how the next few chapters are going to go and how we are really going to get an inside look into this characters’ mind. You have such a way of analyzing different things from the characters point of view and really putting the story into perspective. Another great post!

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