Chapter 2 continued…

  The air on top of the mountain is much colder than that by the shore.  Unsure of what lie ahead, I realize that I must find someone whom I can trust, somebody to help safeguard my secret.  By now the Morshmen have figured out that the stone was removed from the village and without any doubt they would be on my scent. The Morshmen are horrid men that posses beast like qualities.  They hunt like jackals and will stop at nothing when after prey.  With little left to go on, I begin to venture further away from my home then I had ever imagined.  How I miss my family and the home that I love.  I will never again set my eyes upon either for I know now that my family is gone.  All that I have left are my memories; and so today I begin an uncertain destiny. 

5 thoughts on “Chapter 2 continued…

  1. The morshmen are a fantastic creation! I wish you could add a picture of what they might look like. They are definitely an interesting creature I wish I had the ability to just think up new beings!

  2. The morshmen sound like interesting creatures. You have your readers creating their own pictures of them in their head. The book is coming along great! Keep posting!

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