A Fresh Start

As any unknown writer seeking publication knows, we face insurmountable obstacles.  First and foremost is getting anyone to take your work seriously and then of course there is trying to establish a following strong enough to get your name recognized.  I have followed the so called protocol and even showed my respect to other writer by joining in discussions and leaving respectful comments on their Blog. Unfortunately the journey has led me down the same unfortunate path; not only has my Blog gone unnoticed but my search to reach out to those responsible for opening doors has all but closed.  I must broaden my audience and tell my story to those who seek a new and exciting adventure.  With the help of those of you who are still interested or even if you are vaguely intrigued, please tell a friend about “Guardian of the Stone”. Please pass along my story, and ask others to read my Blog from the beginning. Thus they can judge for themselves if my story is worth reading, and please above all things post!  I hope that you become part of my world and welcome me into yours, Thank you…  

4 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. It’s not easy to write from
    The heart as you do. Please know that while others aren’t giving u the following u should have, those who do follow u and do post believe in ur story . Please keep up posting bc it is something I look forward to reading Sunday night to show my support for u. Don’t stop posting u have to be persistent and realize that this blog is not the only way to become published. The definition of persistence is working hard towards a goal and enduring and working thru any struggles that come in the Way so that eventually u will succeed. And remember above all that good things come to those who wait

  2. Don’t give up!! Your doing great and your book is excellent so far. Sorry i have not been able to log on, but i am back and i am so looking foward to reading more!!

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